Skiing in Obergurgl

From the hotel to the piste

The best thing about skiing in Obergurgl is the location of Hotel Gurglhof right on the ski piste. In the morning you just need to grab hold of your skis, take a few steps to the cable car, and a few minutes later you’ll be up the mountain. You can enjoy the wonderful view for a moment, before you step into the bindings and carve effortlessly down one of the many wide pistes. Skiing in Obergurgl thrives on the snow dependability of the region. Here, in the back of the Ötztal valley, the winter still lasts from November to April, thanks to the altitude. Snow is the most important thing for your ski holiday in Ötztal, after all. Where the skiing stops in other areas, it only really gets going in Obergurgl. There is another thing that distinguishes a ski holiday in Obergurgl to one in the other ski areas – you definitely won’t need to queue and wait at the lift here. It is not for nothing that Obergurgl is the gem of the Alps. 

Ski holidays in the Oetztal

Many people say it’s breathtaking. Impressive, say the others. You can find your own perfect word for your perfect winter enjoyment at one of the most snow-dependable ski areas in Tyrol. Your four-star ski hotel in Obergurgl delights with its top location right at the ski piste within easy distance of the ski lifts. Under the motto of ‘top quality skiing’ you can also experience winter in all its glory – with magnificent pistes to carve down, pristine slopes with deep snow and downhill runs with stunning views that are all waiting to be discovered on your holiday in Obergurgl, Ötztal. 

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